The Art Of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate


The Art Of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate


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The Art Of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate

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We Teach Creative Editing

Our focus is 100% on teaching you creative editing techniques. Above all, most importantly, certainlyNot software. Not obscure theory.Then, These lessons will give you the tools and techniques you need to edit like a pro.

Module 0 –


Module 01 – Welcome

01 Welcome To The Art Of Trailer Editing.

02 How This Course Is Organized.

Module 02 Introduction To Trailer Editing

03 Main Types Of Trailers & Promos.

04 Four Unique Challenges Of Trailer Editing.

05 Key Trailer Editing Tools & Vocab.

06 Amateur Vs Professional Trailers.

Module 03 Planning A Trailer

07 Research & Organization Workflows.

08 Positioning The Movie.

09 Telling The Story.

10 Arranging The Structure.

The Art Of Trailer Editing Pro Ultimate

Module 04 Essential Trailer Editing Techniques

11 Choosing The Music.

12 How To Use Sound Design.

13 Laying The Foundation With Audio.

14 Creating The Big Trailer Moments.

15 Storytelling With Style.

16 Cutting Professional Montages.

17 Working With Graphics & Voiceover.

18 The Importance Of Un-Resolution.

Module 05 Drama Trailer Editing Techniques

19 Storytelling & Character Development.

20 Creating Emotion In A Cut.

20.1 Pro Trailer Deconstruction – Drama.

Module 06 Comedy Trailer Editing Techniques

21 Essential Comedy Tools.

21.1 Pro Trailer Deconstruction – Comedy.

22 Crafting A Story With Jokes.

23 Style Tips For Comedy Editors.

24 The Power Of The Music Stop.

Module 07 Action Trailer Editing Techniques

25 Beat-Driven & Rhythmic Accents.

25.1 Pro Trailer Deconstruction – Action.

26 Building Intensity With Custom Hit Grids

27 Creative Sound Design Techniques.

Module 08 Suspense & Horror Trailer Editing Techniques

28 Essential Suspense & Horror Tools.

28.1 Pro Trailer Deconstruction – Suspense & Horror.

29 The Sound Of Silence.

30 Creating Rhythmic Sound Motifs.

Module 09 The Editing Workshop

31 Editing Workshop – Project Overview.

32 Editing Workshop – Setting Up The Project.

33 Editing Workshop – Organizing The Project.

34 Editing Workshop – Creating The Paper Cut.

35 Editing Workshop – Building The Structure.

36 Editing Workshop – Filling In The Picture.

37 Editing Workshop – Sound Design.

38 Editing Workshop – Bringing It All Together.

39 Editing Workshop – Final Mixing & Tweaks.

Module 09 The Editing Workshop Files.7z

Module 10 Wrap Up

40 Reviewing Key Lessons Learned.

41 Next Steps.

Module 11 Bonus

Bonus Lesson How To Cheat Character Dialogue.

Module 12 Editor Interviews

Editor Interview Aura.

Editor Interview Eric.

Editor Interview Jerry.

Editor Interview Ken.

Editor Interview Ron.

Editor Interview Sean.