Rick Saddler – Road Trip With Continuation Patterns


Rick Saddler – Road Trip With Continuation Patterns


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Rick Saddler – Road Trip With Continuation Patterns

My Guarantee to you! Must Read

During this workshop, I will share with you my trading statement from an account I opened in late November 2017. As of the February 2018 statement I have more than doubled the money. In this workshop, I will teach and talk about what I did.

Within the first five trading days after the workshop, I will guarantee to share tradeable examples of trades that will get your workshop cost back. All of the trades will have very simple and easy-to-follow rules for success. If not I will return your money and you keep all material.


►1-1/2 hour On-Line Workshop Includes

  • What are Bullish Continuation Patterns?
  • Why do Continuation Patterns Work?
  • What causes them to occur?
  • Answers to common problem trade questions.
  • Where are stops set using price action, support and resistance, V-Stop or T-Lines.
  • How to find profit zones.

►How To Identify Continuation Patterns

  • Identifying my favorite continuation patterns.
  • The truth on how to find continuation patterns.
  • How to narrow down your watchlist.

►Q&A During and After Presentation

► Workshop Material Included

E-Book Cup and Handle Pattern
E-Book Bullish Inverted Head and Shoulders
E-Book Bullish “W” Pattern
E-Book Bullish J-Hook Pattern
Continuation Pattern Scans for
PDF copy of presentation
Recorded replay your’s to download and keep

Road Trip With Continuation Patterns by Rick Saddler

Rick Saddler

Founder Hit and Run Candlesticks

30 Years Trading, Teaching and Coaching Experience

My Promise To You…. is to teach what works from having 30 years of trading teaching and coaching experience. And, to share with you the knowledge and tools you need to trade continuation patterns with ease and resulting profits!

Fact! All profitable swing trades come from some kind of continuation pattern.

Benefits of Using Continuation Patterns

Number 1 reason… easy to profit from the patterns
Easy to train your eyes for spotting the patterns
Easy to scan for the patterns
Easy to enter the pattern
Easy to set protective stops
Easy to trade the pattern
Trade time ranges from overnight to about 20 days

I just listened to your Road Trip presentation and was impressed. It was probably the umpteenth webinar I’ve attended but you seemed to have a solid approach to swing trading that I would like to learn to adopt.

-Terry McGavern

Rick wanted to thank you … last week when market was down …Made very good money…would not have been possible without your guidance and training…thank again Sent you an email with my trading account.

-Shawn G.


Road Trip With Continuation Patterns

Here are the downloads from the workshop. Take your time, learn the patterns
and improve your trading expertise.

We wish you great success in your trading journey!


  • Bullish Cup & Handle
  • Bullish Inverted Head & Shoulder
  • Bullish “w” Pattern
  • Bullish J-Hook Pattern


  • Presentation pdf
  • Train Your Eyes chart patterns
  • Continuation Pattern Scans
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