PHOEBE KUHN – TCE – The Content Emporium – Human Design (Live)


PHOEBE KUHN – TCE – The Content Emporium – Human Design (Live)


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PHOEBE KUHN – TCE – The Content Emporium – Human Design (Live)

If you’re ready to release resistance, access flow states and meet your true genius while creating unimaginable results then…

It’s time to remember who you were born to BE.

For most people business still feels hard, despite all the work they’ve put in, coaches they’ve hired, and strategies they’ve tried
…and it will continue to feel hard until they learn this one very important truth.

In today’s world, everywhere you look, there’s an expert telling you that in order to succeed, you need to do XYZ.

Be consistent. Show up every day. Post this many times per week. Make reels. And for the love of god, make sure that you niche. ⁣The problem?

This pressure of “need to do” propels you into choices that deep down you know are wrong for you, but because Expert A achieved what you desired, you convince yourself you have to do it their way too.

The truth is that true success doesn’t come from diligently following expert strategies — it comes from divine inspiration, from following what feels natural and authentic to you, what’s always been within you.

And until you decondition who you believe you “need” to be, do and have in order to succeed, you will stay in a that perpetual state of self-doubt, stuckness, and “oh my god this is hard.”

  • You’ve invested thousands in business coaches and programs without any real progress, at least not at the SPEED that you want (or thought you would.) You feel you have to “push through” to be able to create any results in your business. And if you are getting results, it feels like it’s EFFORT to get slow growth…
  • You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions and don’t know what is meant for you. You’re so overwhelmed by what direction, which action, and what strategy you should take that it’s paralyzing. You simply don’t trust yourself to make the right choice anymore…
  • You’ve gone down the rabbit hole of learning all you can about Human Design & what your chart is telling you, but you don’t know where to start with actually implementing what you’ve learned and deconditioning what you’ve been taught, so you’re not getting the results you know are possible…
  • The thought of living & doing business from intuition scares you. Letting go of the carefully crafted to-do lists and just doing what you desire to do, feel called to do? You can’t even imagine it…
  • Every time you sit down to write or to ideate, you end up not creating anything at all. You know you have a lot to share but you don’t know how to bring it forward to magnetize those that need your work…
  • You get triggered when you see other people achieving the goals you’ve set and having fun while they do it (the 7-figure launches, inbox full of DMs, luxury CEO retreats.) You wonder what the hell they have that you don’t? HINT: it’s not a better strategy or business coach…

Say Goodbye To Unaligned,
Uninspired Business

  • An unaligned business keeps you spinning your wheels without seeing any real growth, it leaves you feeling uninspired and stagnant. Until everything begins to feel like a chore and something you “have to do” rather than something you’re lit up and inspired by.
  • So you start to feel resistant to actually selling your offers and marketing your business because…well…you don’t feel that excited about any of it. And when you do launch, market, sell, or write…crickets. It all just falls flat. No magnetic effect, no shine.
  • Then you start to overanalyze, overthink, and question every choice you make, and doubt every action. You are paralyzed by self-doubt and uncertainty. Am I doing this right? Is there a better way? Am I making the right decision?
  • You’re not sure how to tap into what makes you different from the rest. This makes you question whether you have anything unique to offer the world. Even though deep down you know you’re here to make a real difference.
  • Conditioning has told you that you need to force your magic into a container not meant for you. So instead of letting go and letting the magic happen, you question, question, question. You push, push, push. Pssst…alignment doesn’t happen from this place.

In order to BE who you were destined to be and create unimaginable results, you must:

1. Not only remember who you are underneath the conditioning but love, accept and surrender to that version of you.

2. Learn how to make decisions from this place of LOVE & WHOLENESS, from divine inspiration, from intuition.

3. Lean into the pure joy, excitement and pleasure of CREATING & EXPERIENCING LIFE as it is, rather than spending your days trying to get something because you think you need it.

4. From here, you can create environments of flow, master your relationships to creativity, writing, marketing, selling, serving & unlock your genius TO LIVE YOUR KARMIC DESTINY.

This kind of alignment is possible for you.

We’re here to help you get there.


We are NOT here to simply regurgitate what we’ve learned from Ra. We are NOT here to teach you about Human Design. We are here to show you what’s possible, as mentors who are living examples of the transformation that comes from becoming fully embodied and aligned with your design.

I scaled my business to multi-6-figures with the Sam Ovens one offer, one funnel business model…And then I burned it all down.

Now, the mistake I made was not in the business model itself, rather, it was in the blind selection of the strategy from a conditioned belief that “if this is how Sam Ovens & Danielle Leslie did it, then it must be the way. Therefore this is how I will become successful.”

The result? I got caught in a web of overgiving (undefined ego) & felt trapped by my business model, which made me bitter and resentful (the “not-self.”)

The truth is that up until around October of last year, I didn’t know who I really was underneath who the world had told me I needed to be – Underneath the conditioning. I had years of training in Human Behaviour and had studied Human Design for 2 years but had never truly lived or embodied what I had learned…and so began my deconditioning journey.

The more I loved, accepted and became unconditionally proud of myself for who I truly was, instead of trying to BE someone I thought I needed to be, the more successful I became.

The more I embodied & aligned myself & my business to who I am designed to be, the quicker my desires were drawn to me *catapulting me to $1.2 million in 12 months (in year 4 of business)*

  • I realized I was doomed to become bored with a one-course model. My creative energy needs somewhere to run free!
  • I embraced that as a Projector Coordinator, I am not designed to be IN the business. Optimal synergy requires me to guide the team from the outside by steering the vision.
  • My hanging Gate 17 means I’ve spent my life seeing the big picture and having big visions but no way to break it down. So I hired someone with Gate 62 to break my vision down into details and translate this to the team.
  • I wasn’t fully in tune with my emotional authority and often made decisions from my mind thinking things were good ideas rather than a full-body yes in the clarity of my wave.
  • I learned to recognize when to stop working and when to rest. Allowing and loving myself when I am in a season of emotional processing, stillness, and not making my output or how much I ‘do’ a condition to love and be proud of myself.

All true change happens on a level of BEing. In order to BE who you were destined to be, you must remember who you are underneath the conditioning. You have to love, accept and surrender to who you always were. This is the pathway to love, liberation, and limitlessness.

In October 2017, the mission Natasha had been on for the previous nine years, walked out of the building and turned every light off behind it, with no expectation of ever returning…

And it remained that way until May, when a Facebook Ad caught her eye, “How to Manifest Your Business Dreams Using Human Design.”

A masterclass that would prompt her to dive deep into her Human Design Chart, where it soon became clear why she was so deeply burned out — she was, in many ways, out of alignment with the best and most natural way for her to create the impact she desired. So she walked away from it all.

What happened over the following months can only be described as a descending and unravelling of the identities she had tied to her self-worth, a deconditioning of who she felt she needed to be to succeed. Was she significant if she wasn’t ‘doing’ or producing or at least trying to become successful?

Little did she know what she was soon to discover and the impact it would have on her life…

  • As a manifesting generator with an open G centre, the manifestor part of her wanted to initiate and make things happen, this was the incorrect use of her energy — her strategy for success is to respond to life, life comes to her as opposed to her making things happen.
  • Her tendency to go into fix-it mode in her relationships was clear in her line 5 profile and her gate 50, a pattern that was draining her mental and physical energy.
  • She was posting testimonials of her Soul Accelerator workshops on Facebook in a bid to try to prove herself, her worth and the value of her work to others. Not out of an excitement to share.
  • Her open spleen meant she held onto parts of her business that simply weren’t working. She took stock of where she was doing this and decided to close her whole business down. Leaving space for inspiration and divine guidance.
  • Through her commitment to aligning with her authentic self, her work also went through a transition. She moved into the next iteration of her soul’s purpose in the world. She became a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist (certified in Levels 1, 2, & soon to be 3) and leaned into helping people break free from the patterns of their conditioning, reconnecting them with their true identity and the work they are here to do in the world.

Natasha’s decision to release who she was told she needed to be paved the way for her to use her Human Design Chart as a map to decondition the aspects of herself that were out of alignment with who she was BORN to be. In order to BE who you were destined to be, you must make decisions from this place – A place of love and acceptance of who you are.

A Manifestor’s Date With death

When Sophie returned to London in 2014 after a life-changing and heart-healing month on a tropical Thai island, she 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗳𝗲𝗹𝘁 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 she 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 herself.

She had recently quit her soul-destroying job and ended her toxic relationship. She had no ties. She felt free to play. Yet, underneath all the excitement at this brand new, clean slate in front of her lay a great deal of doubt and uncertainty.⁣ What next?

She was at a crossroads, torn between following her head by staying put in London or following her heart back to Thailand. Scared–riddled with self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. The pressures of what she should do to be successful kept her stuck on the logical path.

She continued dismissing this calling in her soul until destiny stepped in. She was hit by a car…and survived. She was given another chance.

While it had taken 3 years for her subconscious mind to remember the essence of her Human Design, her soul’s blueprint, she realised she had been doing the deconditioning work all along. But it was that moment during her accident that she knew that she had to step off the perpetual merry-go-round of routine she’d found herself in and follow her heart authority.

She released the conditioning of the LOGICAL and followed the signs her INTUITION was delivering to her. ⁣Fuelled by something greater than herself, she booked a one-way flight back to Phuket for the new year to do exactly what she wanted. And from that place of alignment she…

  • Discovered her true powers and shamanic ability, a genius that felt easy and so natural to her.
  • Started practising healing on others, and they, too, were astounded at the results.
  • Released her old feelings of imposter syndrome, fear and self-doubt.⁣ And replaced them with feelings of deep peace, connection and inner power- the power of her mind, her energy and her intention.
  • Finally began to trust her instinctive “pulls” to create and act without overthinking or questioning. Leaning fully into her strategy as a Manifestor.
  • Created a beautiful life in Phuket, where she further trained in Quantum Human Design, hypnotherapy, Quantum Alignment™️ and past-life regression. She worked at world-renowned health retreats, met the love of her life and had a baby.

And i𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗯𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗻 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗮 𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻.⁣ A decision to follow her heart, not her head.⁣ A decision to surrender to her intuition and higher self.⁣ Leaning into that feminine, receptive energy and embracing her power, changed her. ⁣She began to see herself differently. ⁣She began to see other people and the world differently. ⁣She unlocked her genius TO LIVE HER KARMIC DESTINY.

Through deconditioning who we thought we were supposed to be & aligning with who we were BORN to be, we have released resistance, leaned fully into the genius of what we do, and created unimaginable results in our lives, in our businesses, and for our clients.

Now it’s your turn.

This is a DECONDITONING ACCELERATOR. The first of its kind. A hybrid live training, group coaching, and implementation container where you will unlearn what you have been told, receive full permission to express the truth of who you are and experience real alignment. This is the beginning of a new chapter.


Discover the way you are actually designed to be, live and operate in the world.

You will learn what distinguishes your TRUE SELF vs your CONDITIONED SELF and the most common “patterns” that people fall into. You will get clear on what you are here for (your karmic destiny) and what you are not here for (so you can stop pushing yourself to do these things.)


Learn how to truly discern the nuances of the body vs the mind when making decisions.

You will REPATTERN your decision-making to stop coming from the mind and to instead come from divine inspiration so that you can experience true magic. This is releasing all of the conditioning from the mind that says, “this is a good idea”, or “that coach became successful from doing this, let’s try that.” This is about creating magic and divine timing and rapid manifestation.


Learn how to rewire your relationship with your business, creativity and your genius.

You will get clear on your Mars (what drives you, what you stand for), your Earth (what grounds you to unlock your Conscious Sun), your South Nodes (what you must learn in order to unlock your destiny to activate your North Node). You will cultivate environments of flow so that your genius can come out and truly flourish. This will allow whatever actions you take in your business to be an authentic, congruent and magnetic expression of who you truly are.

Become clear on where you have been told you need to be something that you are not. Become aware of the conditioning of each type, centre, and the most common “patterns” that people fall into. What are you not here for?




Clear past resentment & fear by learning how to trust yourself to make decisions that are *correct* for you. Learn how to use your authority to create aligned offers, generate revenue, launch offers, and trust in the divine timing of your authority to lead you toward the inspired action for your desires to manifest.

How To Use Your Authority To Make Aligned Choices
Energetic Offer Creation
Creating Inspired Habits
Cultivating Environments of Flow
Decision making in business (how to market, how to sell, how to write, how to pitch)





Learn how to rewire your relationship with your business, creativity and your genius so that you can trust that whatever actions you take in your business are authentic, congruent and a magnetic expression of who you truly are.

Mars (what you stand for)
North & South Nodes (what you must learn in order to unlock your destiny)
Your Genius Sequence
Learn how to hire, collaborate, and connect with people you have synergy with
Tap into your full Creative Expression (lines, e.g. Production)





In order to support you fully in this journey, we’ve added some extras…
You’ll also get these amazing bonuses:

Bonus #4

Write content using the unique talent of your Profile. You won’t find this anywhere else. This is a revolutionary training that blends the Genius Report developed by 64 Keys, with Phoebe’s years of experience with Content and experimentation in Human Design. Includes prompts for each of the 12 profiles.

Bonus #5

Learn how to profit from & sell to the Not Self. A Training adapted from Ra’s original library. Empower your prospective clients in the Sales Process by teaching them to trust their authority and make the correct decision for them, from the wisdom of their body to ensure a win-win.

Bonus #6

Uncover your true genius, leverage the role you’re designed for & hire your all-star team with the penta (Human Design).

Bonus #7

Master the core energetic principles of marketing so you can write content, create offers, and show up in a way that is in complete alignment with your energy. This is the key to becoming absolutely magnetic to your dream clients & truest desires! You will be vibrating at a different frequency by the end of this training.

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