Paul Smith – The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance


Paul Smith – The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance


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Paul Smith – The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance

Joint Venture Finance is for everybody that wishes to successfully invest in property using none of their own money. Either they got some funds but don’t wish to use them or they got no funds at this moment in time.

The single thing most people think they are short of is actually in limitless supply if you know how to attract it to you: INVESTMENT CASH. This is for you if you have a huge property portfolio or you have yet to get started.

Money ultimately doesn’t determine success or failure with regard to joint ventures. It’s the ability to use other people’s money that is important.


In my best year, I gained 47 Serviced accommodation units, turning over a total revenue of £1.3 Million, however in recent years this has slowed down​ and I have come to mastermind to re-engage my business and achieve greater numbers than before.

Gero Insalaco Property Investor

Thank you Paul, Anita, and all members of touchstone education including members of this group, for giving so much of your time to help other people including me. I have had an amazing year of learning and growing, all aspects of my life, feeling blessed. Thanks

The level of training, education, and support in the mastermind is the best I have found. It is straightforward, easy to get your head around, and very actionable.

The BASICS of Joint Venture Finance By Paul Smith – what is it included: ( Content proof: Watch here! )

    • 0. Introduction
    • Chapter 1 – Business
    • Chapter 2 – Understanding
    • Chapter 3 – Systems
    • Chapter 4 – Implementation
    • Chapter 5 – Numbers
    • Chapter 6 – Execution
    • Chapter 7 – Services
    • Chapter 8 – Scaling
    • Exercises Vault
    • Joint Venture Fast Start Pack
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