Marie Diamond – Karma Clearing Video Program


Marie Diamond – Karma Clearing Video Program


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Marie Diamond – Karma Clearing Video Program

Learn how to Activate your Success & Abundance by letting go of the Past

If you want to make the Law of Attraction work at its best you really need to let go all the blockages you have created. Plus, Forgiveness is the bio hack for a longer life, good health and for staying young and radiant. In this 4 sessions video program you will learn:

  • Why Forgiveness is a key factor in making the Law of Attraction work for you

  • What are the 5 necessary steps you need to do to really let go of the past

  • How to start forgiving people that have abused you, hurt you deeply and created pain to you and your family

  • What to do if you cannot forgive yourself and others

  • How not forgiving business or financial problems can stop you from being abundant and thriving

  • How to write a Forgiveness letter

  • What is Karma and how can you clear what has happened in your past lives or the lives of your ancestors

  • A special Forgiveness ritual and a Karma Clearing Meditation to uplift your energy

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