Kayla M. Butler – Create, Capture, Conquer


Kayla M. Butler – Create, Capture, Conquer


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Kayla M. Butler – Create, Capture, Conquer

The best tools are the ones you already have.

The thing is, you don’t need the fancy tools to master photography. It’s the person holding the tool that matters most.

The images that smart phones produce today are enough to get you by. But, you’re probably looking for way more and that’s what this course if for.

It’s an affordable and thorough course to finally help you understand how to apply the tool you already have (your smart phone) and create the ideas you’ve got in the best visual way you can.

I like making the reference that, if it costs as much as pizza, but actually helps you more than pizza, then it’s probably worth it.

. . and much like a lot of other things, this course WILL help you more than that pizza. Just sayin’ 🙂

So, what exactly will you learn?

You’re going to learn the rules – then how to break them!

Okay, but really, you want to know what’s included?

This course will not only help you find your natural skills, it will also help you explore your unique perspective because it is a complete in-depth course that is way more than just a “phone” photography course.

This is a full blown photography course and we’ll review some basics, like:


White Balance

Shutter Speed / Aperture

Apps, Settings, and more

But, then we’ll dive into other topics, like:

Capturing photos “in the moment”

Headshots / Portraits / Lifestyle

Outdoor Photography & Outdoor Lighting

Styling, Composition, and Flat Lay Photography

Indoor Lighting & Artificial Lighting

How to photograph reflective surfaces

and much more..

You’ll also get:


Hashtags for sharing and engaging on Instagram

A private & supportive Facebook community of students to help you grow, remind you of certain tips, and help you get more feedback on those new photography new skills.

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