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Kartika Nair – The Magic Morning Manifestation Club


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Kartika Nair – The Magic Morning Manifestation Club

Sprinkle magic pixie dust on your life in 2020 every morning by stepping into the manifestation vortex with me as your guide every morning LIVE online from 5 am – 6 am, monday through friday.

Things to know:

Monday through Friday, sparring weekends, we connect via Zoom webinar every morning and step into a magic manifestation vortex together. This helps you kick your consistency and motivation issues out the window and also manifest your reality!

Apart from the magical zoom sessions, you also have access to a Facebook Group that acts as a place of sharing, asking questions, supporting each other’s mission, sharing success stories, getting advice and being part of a magical family, a new breed of humans, changing world consciousness!

You will also find the replay to the sessions uploaded inside the course material, here on this site.

You and I are doing the processes together. I will be guiding you just exactly as I am doing it. I am (and I can say this with pride) a master manifester, and I am more than happy to guide you through the exact steps and do it live with you together!

5 am is considered the time of God, the time where the world has not formed, and so you have the empty canvas to connect to the source and create your world exactly how you envision it. It is a time where your mind is quieter, focused and open to being programmed for success and manifestations.

If you are in another time zone, you can still join us live or on the replay and the power of your manifestation work will still be still be huge, as long as you attend one session everyday.

If there was a success pill you could take daily, that would guarantee results to you, this club is that success pill! So take one every morning!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Your Instructor

Kartika Nair

Kartika Nair is the coach and trainer behind the brand “SynchroShakti”. Through her own personal journey healing out panic disorder and depression without medications, she found mindfulness and totally transformed her life and it is the same tools that empowered and freed her from suffering that she has organized into her courses, intending that it transforms the lives of new students just like it has transformed the lives of tens of hundreds of her students over the past four years. Although her passion is to teach mindfulness, she also likes to extend to those who still need it, the tools of positive psychology, success, motivation, law of attraction and the famous Hawaiin prayer of healing “Ho’oponopono”.

Course Curriculum


  • “Im in love” Relationship MP3
  • Career Song “Arigato, I love my job” Lyrics
  • Career Song “Arigato, I love my job” MP3
  • Happy Money Accelerator Mastermind details
  • Tree Method Ebook!
  • 18th MMMC class Replay!

The Magic Morning Manifestation Program- Introduction module

  • Welcome Magical Friend!
  • How To Make The Most Out Of The Program
  • The MMMC Guide Book
  • MMMC code of Honor
  • Recording Your Manifestations
  • In conclusion

Bonus Training Module 1: Healing Negativity & Blocks On The Way

  • Introduction (See first)
  • Healing your inner blocks and fears
  • Dealing with negative people around you
  • Dealing with failure
  • Exam/performance/presentation stress
  • Dealing with frustration/desperation/attachment

Bonus Training Module 2: How To Visualize & Feel The Feelings

  • 3 Tips to improve visualization
  • 3 Tips to FEEL the emotions
  • Chair visualization – Here & Now Technique

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