Joey Yap – Face Reading Revealed


Joey Yap – Face Reading Revealed


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Joey Yap – Face Reading Revealed

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Mian Xiang or Face Reading is an ancient form of physiognomy, the science of

understanding human destiny, fortune and personality, through the observation of facial features.

Leading Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Physiognomy Master Trainer and Practitioner. And, Joey Yap shows you how you can learn more about a person’s personality,

abilities and talents just by observing the shape of the face.

Like all of the Chinese Five Arts, the Five Elements plays an integral role in Face Reading. Learn to tell a Metal face person from a Wood face person. Discover what are the innate talents of individuals with oval faces and what sort of faces are people most likely to be successful entrepreneurs.

In this Webinar:

  • Learn what are the 10-Character face shapes in Mian Xiang
  • Learn what are the 5 basic elemental face shapes
  • Discover what personality traits and talents accompany different face shapes
  • Learn more about yourself and those around you, just by observing and determining their face shape
  • Readmore: HERE !
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