Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power


Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power


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Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power

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Here is what you will discover:

Elements: hear a powerful explanation of all the elements of the “You-In-The-Box.” and why and how it works as well as it does.

Content: You will learn my secret formula of what to put on little beauty to drive massive leads your way

like a magnet pulls iron filings to itself.

Assembly: I will divulge my classified sources on where to get all the supplies you need to

create the “You-In-The-Box” and the step-by-step for putting it together. You will also get my easy-as-pie, cut and paste Publisher temples you can use to just drag and drop your way to your own powerful “You-In-The-Box.”

Distribution: My exact method for using this tool for massive revenue generation. This method is extremely low cost and will have you busier than you could ever image in no time flat.

You Must Solemnly Swear To NEVER

Reveal My Powerful Persuasion Techniques To Anyone.
I know people who threaten others by claiming they will take legal action against them using a high powered attorney. I can afford and have many high powered attorneys in my back pocket. But I don’t operate that way. I use a few big Italian guys named Vito and Gino to do my dirty work. By the way that’s a load of crap (See, I’ll always tell you when I’m lying.)

Look If I catch anyone exposing my secrets to others I will do something far worse than attorneys and Italians. I’ll cut you off from my continuing and ongoing education.

With your investment in my system you get access to a special web site that is not indexed in search engines and is password protected. Only those chosen few who have invested in my system can access it and get continuing education from me forever. Teleconferences, blogs, personal video and much, much more.

But If I find you leaking even a tiny little nugget of my confidential material I will cut you off faster than a New York Taxi. If you’re planning on revealing these secrets, repackaging them or sharing them with your friends—then leave this web site right now.

Go and invest your money somewhere else that will show you something you already know, be something totally outdated, or offer something to help create Band-Aid solutions to your success problems.

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