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Jim Kwik – Kwik Reading


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Jim Kwik – Kwik Reading

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Does Reading Slow You Down?
There are no bad readers, just those with bad reading habits.

We spend a lot more time reading than we realize. From articles to memos to memes, the words just keep coming. Reading is a skill just like any other, one that can be strengthened and sharpened over time.

Kwik Reading helps you improve the four key elements of reading: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. Once you streamline such a major part of your workload, you’ll discover you have more hours in the day.

Kwik Reading works to double or triple your reading speed which can save you one hour per day. That’s 365 hours per year. That is a whole lot of hours. What you do with your extra time is up to you. Finally start reading Moby Dick perhaps?

Take a competitive edge over your peers by increasing your reading speed. Trust us, this new skill will not go unnoticed.

Leaders are readers: the ability to read faster is a huge competitive advantage that can save you years of productivity while making life a whole lot easier.

Kwik Reading will enable you to:
Instantly increase your reading speed by 25 to 50%.
Improve your comprehension by activating certain areas of your brain.
Boost focus and stop subvocalization and regression.
Discover simple ways to decrease eye-fixations.

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