Emily Fletcher – Ziva Meditation


Emily Fletcher – Ziva Meditation


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Emily Fletcher – Ziva Meditation

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Here is what you will discover: WELCOME

  • zivaSLEEPS guided visualization
  • Accountability Calendar to track progress
  • Welcome video to set you up for success

Day 1

  • Making a contract with yourself
  • Receive your mantra
  • Meditate with Emily

Day 2

  • Why thoughts are not the enemy
  • Top 4 Meditation Killers
  • The “lazy man’s” guide to meditation

Day 3

  • zivaRELEASE guided visualization
  • 10 min guided meditation audio
  • How to deal with interruptions

Day 4

  • Access to a Q & A call with Emily (1 hr)
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Best posture and breath technique

Day 5

  • Laundering our consciousness
  • Inward and outward strokes of meditation
  • Peeling away layers of accumulated stress

Day 6

  • Meditate to get good at life (not meditation)
  • Blending of waking state/ bliss field
  • Moving into higher states of consciousness

Day 7

  • Digestion and “catch up” day
  • Balancing breath to activate different hemispheres of the brain
  • 2 bonus trainings: Travel Tips + How to Handle Noise

Day 8

  • How to make this a non-negotiable priority
  • How to talk about your practice with others
  • Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction

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