Elaine Ingham – Microscope Class


Elaine Ingham – Microscope Class


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Elaine Ingham – Microscope Class

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Registration for The Microscope Class is now open for the Fall 2016 Sessions from November 3rd – December 15th, 2016. You must have completed the a two+ day seminar or the full class of Life in the Soil Class before registering.

Dr. Elaine Ingham leads this very special class training people to use  simple, but effective, shadowing light microscope methods to identify soil biology. Learn from the master herself about what constitutes good compost and compost tea based on microscope assessment. These sessions are essential for anyone who wishes to gain “eyes on” knowledge of the soil universe and what really goes on under our feet. Get the necessary training to identify bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes that drive the health and well-being of our plants. Students are required to have their own microscopes to follow along with the videos.

“Eyes on” Knowledge

Shadowing Light Microscope Techniques

Identification of Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Nematodes, etc.

See the Soil Universe Unfold Before Your Eyes

Learn how to operate a simple light microscope to obtain the best resolution of life in the soil.  Learn to identify the creatures in the soil, and differentiate beneficial from detrimental organisms.  Each participant should have their own microscope or partner with someone who has a microscope. A spreadsheet to convert visual results in the concentration of organisms per gram (teaspoon) of soil, and into biomass per gram will be explained (laptop required). Microscopes with cameras (smart phones work if you have steady hands) are strongly encouraged to record images of the organisms.  Practice sessions allow participants to analyze their own samples –  from soil, to compost, to extract and teas, to water samples, or food — and learn what biology is present.

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