Christine Hassler – Personal Mastery


Christine Hassler – Personal Mastery


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Christine Hassler – Personal Mastery

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Overcome Any Obstacle Standing
Between You and What You Want
Even if You Feel You’ve Tried Everything
and Still Don’t Have The Answer
That’s all going to change

I’m going to show you how you you can:
Ease your suffering and be wholly accepting of the unique, special individual you are Understand – possibly for the first time – what your true purpose is and how to start living in it.
Get clear on exactly what’s between where you are now and where you want to be – and close the gap.
Find a confidence you never thought you’d have and use it to go after what you really want.
Find a tribe of people who get you, understand you, and want to be connected to you.
Feel in control of your choices and decisions so you never have to live with regrets.
Push yourself outside of your comfort zone in a supportive, non-scary way.

MODULE 1 | (Re)Writing Your Over It & On With It Story

4 Coaching Videos
4 Coaching Videos
3 PDF Workbooksr Peak” Story
Your “Live and Work at Your Peak” Assessment
Your It List
Acceptance Meditation

MODULE 2 | Emotions 101: Feel, Heal And Free Yourself!

6 Coaching Videos
2 PDF Workbooks
Suppression Strategies
Emotional Activator
Compassion Meditation

MODULE 3 | Become The Master Of Your Mind

6 Coaching Videos
3 PDF Workbooks
Identifying Core Limiting Beliefs
Costs & Payoffs
Belief Busting Tool
Belief Busting Visualization Meditation
Present Moment Meditation

MODULE 4 | Unlocking A New Relationship With Yourself & Others

5 Coaching videos
4 PDF Workbooks
Soul Curriculum
Self Care Practice
Relationship Evaluation
People Are Mirrors
Forgiveness Meditation (this is a big one!)

MODULE 5 | Moving From Vision To Action

5 Coaching Videos
2 PDF Workbooks
Action Plan
Future Forecasting
Connecting To Your Internal Compass Meditation

BONUS MODULE | Concrete Practices for Vibrant Health

10 Health & Wellness Videos
5 Guided Breathwork Practices
Movement Routine for Longevity and Vitality
Health Resource Guide
Food & Feelings Journal

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