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Chris Croft – The Life Skills Collection

Would you like to live your Maximum Life?

To achieve your full potential at work, …and also outside work?
And to reap the maximum happiness that you can from both your work and your life outside of work?
If you want to live your best life, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Hi there,

If you know me you’ll know that I don’t go in for hyperbole or sales stuff, I’m all about practical methods and things that work.

Once an Engineer always an Engineer!

And after making courses on Leadership, Negotiating, Project Management, Time Management, Success, and Happiness, I’ve decided to take on the big one – Life Itself!

Let me tell you about what I have created…..

I’ve spent the last 40 years thinking about life, watching my own life unfold and also watching my friends, with their various strategies.

Some became corporate slaves, working their way up the well-paid ladder by selling their souls.

Others built up their own companies, working very hard and taking huge risks to either succeed (or not) in building and selling their companies for millions.

In most cases my rich friends were not really any happier, because the price they paid to earn all that money outweighed the benefits. Oh dear!

Some friends “opted out of the rat race” and went for an easy life, an undemanding job so they could have plenty of time and energy for their family and their personal life.

And a few remained party animals late into middle age.

I myself tried several careers – an engineer, a manager, a university lecturer, and a freelance travelling trainer.

Last year I drove 20,000 miles, presented 144 days of training at an average of £1380 per day, which brought in £199,000 (annoying about that extra thousand) – but I’m not here to recommend a life as a travelling trainer, as good as it’s been.

I’m not even here to recommend you go self-employed, though that is certainly an option.

Because everyone is different.

What I AM here to do is to help you think your way through the options while you still have time.

Because the years slip by faster and faster I can tell you, and there is a limit to how many times you can reinvent yourself and change direction.

Make the most of your one life!

In this programme we’ll look at all of the options scientifically, all the pros and cons of each, and work out what the best life for YOU will be – and then how to get it.

I’ll give you totally unbiased advice – and where else can you get that?

Not from your boss or HR department,
Not from your parents, whose view of the world is probably way out of date,
Not from your friends down the pub….
I’m on your side 100%, and together we’ll do this.

And the help I give you will be super-clear and practical.

My Project Management Simplified Course is the most viewed project management course in the world, and people love it because it makes the subject totally clear.

“At last someone has nailed how to explain Project Management”.

Similarly my Weekly Happiness Tips course has had a million views – it’s the most viewed Happiness course in the world.

It’s been so popular because it’s incredibly rare to find a course that actually tells you WHAT TO DO in order to get more happiness.

If an Engineer worked out the secrets of happiness, and then designed a method to get it…

Oh hang on, that’s what’s happened!

So I have collected together every life skill you might need as you go through both your work and your personal life, and then I’ve organised them into a process – ten steps.

From working out your life purpose, identifying your ideal job, how to get that job and succeed at it, then onwards to your work life balance and your happiness.

Everything is in this life skills collection.

682 videos and a whole lot of extras, it’s epic, …and you have discovered it.

The Life Skills Collection By Chris Croft
We know that some people who buy courses or books never look at the videos or read the chapters.

There are also many who read or view the material but never act upon it – though even if you TRIED to not act on my material here it WILL get into your head, it WILL change how you see the world and therefore what happens to you.

But ideally you’d put at least some of the lessons into practice, perhaps most of them, and if you do that, this programme will transform your life.

I just need you to view the material and take some action – and that will be easy, it’s all in logical order, in bitesize practical lessons, and you can go at any speed that suits you, as long as you follow the plan, you’ll be fine.

You can do it!

So why am I doing this?…
And why don’t I give it away?…

The answer to the first question is because I want to make a difference, that’s what floats my boat – making a difference to people who really want to do learn and change.

So in another way I do care about this product, I care massively, because I want it to be as great as it can be, especially as this is the biggest thing I’ve ever made.

I really think it will make a difference to the people who get involved with it, and I can’t wait to hear from people who have had their lives transformed.

That’s why I’m doing it.

Now you might be wondering exactly what you’re getting, so here are all the details:

Module 1 – Life Purpose

Module 2 – Life Style

Module 3 – Life Options

Module 4 – Dream Job

Module 5 – Work Success

Module 6 – Leadership

Module 7 – Productivity

Module 8 – Work vs Life

Module 9 – Happiness

Module 10 – Stress

You can see from this diagram that the programme has a logical flow to it, covering all four quadrants: succeed at work, succeed outside work, enjoy outside work, and enjoy your work.

If you can maximise all four of those then you really are maximising your life in all its aspects.

And it’s different to anything you’ve seen before for three reasons:

First there’s me, I’m not one of those motivational speaker guys who strut around on stage promising you the earth by just positive thinking, I’m an engineer who has worked this out calmly and sensibly – although if you know me you’ll also know we’ll have a bit of laugh while we do it. But the point is that it’ll be practical first, and then also a bit inspirational in places

Second it’s both the big picture and the small details – we’ll do everything from the meaning of life right down to what you should have on your desk!

And third is the scope, the fact that I’m covering both home and work, not just work, and I’m not just helping you with success but I’m going to cover that all-important happiness as well. So often you get material on success without happiness, or happiness with success, and one undermines the other. But we are going to do everything – this really is the only collection you’ll ever need.

If they can do it, so can YOU!
All I need from you is to click on the link below and sign up for my Life Skills Collection. You’ll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form.

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