Brannon Patrick – The Healing Bundle


Brannon Patrick – The Healing Bundle


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Brannon Patrick – The Healing Bundle

It’s time to go from HURTING to HEALING
Has your heart been shattered? Has your partner betrayed you sexually? Are they watching porn & hiding it from you? Have they been unfaithful in your marriage?

If you’ve been cheated on then this is for you!
If you’ve cheated, then this is for you!
If you’ve been betrayed in other ways (lying about porn use, manipulated, etc.), then this is for you!
This is where we get in to the nitty-gritty of healing after betrayal. We’ll go step by step on how to rebuild trust, break through the pain and how to get unstuck from fear and shame.
Introducing Healing After Your Heart’s Been Shattered (Course for Her) and Helping Her Heal after Shattering Her Heart (Course for Him).

A comprehensive class to help you move forward after betrayal.

This course will teach you that you can find peace and healing after betrayal. You will realize that you’re not crazy for feeling the way that you do.
This comprehensive class has 3 modules (video lectures and downloadable worksheets) that will cover basics about understanding the betrayal trauma, healing process and the relationship with your spouse. It pairs perfectly with HIS course “Helping Her Heal after Shattering Her Heart”. However, it’s also very valuable on its own.

My Goal: To Help you Move Forward and Find Peace
I understand that everybody is dealing with unique circumstances. You need an individualized recovery plan. This course is not a one size fits all. It provides you the education, tools, and learning to tailor your recovery to whatever you need.

Believe it or not, your actions after you betray your spouse can be just as harmful as the betrayal itself.
You might feel guilty, shameful, really sad, and confused about how to make it right. You might also be worried about her well-being but not know how to respond in a helpful way. You are now a source of pain to her and although she may still want to be in a relationship with you she now sees you differently.
This course will give you the education needed to help her heal after you’ve shattered her heart. It teaches you the effective ways to respond to her after you’ve broken her trust.
This comprehensive class has two modules (video lecture and downloadable worksheets) with a deep discussion on understanding the betrayed and how you will rebuild trust and create a healthy relationship again. This course pairs perfectly with HER course “Healing after Your Heart’s Been Shattered”. However, it’s also very valuable on its own.
My Goal: To help you be an asset to help your spouse heal 

YOU CAN rebuild a healthy & happy relationship with your spouse after betrayal. But only if you have a solid understanding of what the betrayed is feeling. Instead of being a detriment to her recovery you can learn how to be an asset to help her heal. This class will give you the tools & resources to help you navigate this difficult time.
Although this course is designed for the betrayer, it is also helpful for the betrayed to watch and understand.


I’m Brannon, and I’m an expert in treating sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and helping spouses heal from betrayal. I have over 10 years of experience helping couples, individuals and families heal from the devastating effects of addiction.
I’m an avid presenter and teacher. I know that recovery for an individual and a relationship is absolutely possible. I have both learned and developed tools that work. My greatest fulfillment in my work is helping couples in the depths of pain and despair, and walking them through the healing process.

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