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Bill Duquette – Profits In Pretty Houses

Want to Become a Millionaire?

Bill Duquette  trained thousands of people in the art of Buying and Selling Real Estate using little or no money or credit to realize tens of thousands of dollars on a single house deal!

Would you like to learn how to buy a $500,000 home needing no repairs, using none of your credit, in a great area, with only a $10.00 dollar bill?

He can show you how he did just that and continue to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of homes with only $10.00 and he can show you how too!

Would you like to not have go to work any longer and be your own boss?
Would you like to be able to go on vacation anytime and even 4,5,or 6 times a year?
Would you like to be able to spend more time with your family, friends, and loved ones?
Does Buying and Selling Real Estate sound like a great way for you to get all that you want out of life?

If you answerd Yes, than you should get my Home Study Course called “Profits in Pretty Houses made Easy” by Bill Duquette. This is a  Home Study Course that comes with C D ‘s of my live 2 day event that will bring you Step by Step through exactly how you can buy and Sell Real Estate with little or no money and without using your own Credit! I have left nothing out, I have held nothing back, I reveal all my most guarded secrets that will help you get all you ever wanted out of life through this Wealth Building Course. This course will easily teach you how to make up to $5,10, even $20,000 on one house deal! I have hundreds of students that I have taught that have thanked me repeatedly for showing them this way out of the rat race, I sure hope your smart enough to be able to recognize a great opportunity when you see one and savy enough to make a desicion and act on that desicion to, Now order this course that will change your life forever.

Buy subject to and sell on Lease Option or cash or Owner financing or to getting a Mortgage.
It is A-Z how to’s of Real Estate investing buying “Subject to” (taking over payments of existing mortgages) and all the steps in order complete with a flow chart for buying and selling to help keep you on track.

Order Now!  by sending a check or money order for $995.00 to…

You see it’s not the technical knowledge that holds anyone back, it’s something else.  It’s something that not too many people ever talk about.  He taught ALL  of Ron LeGrand’s bootcamps conducted through SDI (Ron’s old seminar company) to come share with us!  He’s a true “rags to riches” success story and normally charges $1000/hr or $10,000/day for personal coaching. So to say he “knows his stuff” is bit of an understatement.

Bill Duquette has cracked the code on what creates TRUE tangible wealth in real estate, but don’t take it from me…

“Dear Bill, I just wanted to again thank you for helping me to change my life. Because of you, I am embarking on a new life-journey. I am now living a more powerful life and I will be leaving the automotive industry after 17 years on April 6, 2005. For that, I will be forever grateful. I know it may be difficult for you to remember all of the people you have helped to transform their own lives but I will never forget you.
Powerfully yours,

Ron Legrand Says…

“The Programming Confidence Seminar that Bill Duquette has created is Exactly what the students need to help them get out of their own way and go make money in Real Estate!”
– Ron Legrand

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