Bill Bronchick – Lease Options eCourse


Bill Bronchick – Lease Options eCourse


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Bill Bronchick – Lease Options eCourse

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Here is what you will discover: 

How to find all the lease/option deals you’ll ever need in your backyard

How to negotiate terms with a seller who wants all cash

Learn how to spot an instant lease/option candidate online or in the newspaper

How to qualify your tenant/buyers

A complete understanding of the mechanics of lease/options, from A to Z!

How to leverage your IRA or 401k for tax-free investing with lease/options

Bill’s proven telephone script for flushing out the seller’s motivation

Overcoming seller objections to lease/options

Real life case studies from Bill and his successful students

Understanding Dodd-Frank and how to work within the rules

Using lease/options for commercial deals, fix and flips, and a ton of other scenarios

7 different ways to use a lease and option to profit in real estate

Overstuffed, 169-Page Course Manual

Four Videos from Live Workshop

Audio files from Live Workshop

Powerpoint Outline from Live Workshop

Forms CD to Download with all the Legal Forms You’ll Need

The best, and most complete information on Lease/Options in the Universe!

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