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Austin Rutherford – Private Lending Course


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Austin Rutherford – Private Lending Course

Austin Rutherford, is an entrepreneur that has built a 7 figure per year real estate investing business and owns 28 rental properties (doors).

He has raised over $15M in private money and has flipped over 200 houses in the past 5 years using other people’s money to fund his deals. Austin borrowed his first quarter of a million dollars at the age of 21 with zero experience and got the deal 100% funded for his first flip ever.
You can raise private money at any point in your career to either get started in the business or grow what you are currently doing but you need to understand the ins and outs of private money lending and that is what this course is built for!

You will learn everything about how borrowing the money works, where the money goes, the documents that we use, the conversations that we have with private money lenders, where to meet private money lenders, how to talk with them, and the ONE line that will connect you with more potential private money lenders.

Austin’s passion is helping other aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors through coaching and mentorship.

Follow Austin on Instagram @AustinRutherfordOfficial and Facebook @Austin Rutherford

Course Curriculum

Understanding Private Money Lending
StartWhat is Private Money Lending? (3:49)
StartGetting Started (6:32)
StartDo Nots of Private Money Lending (4:50)
StartWhere Are Private Money Lenders? (6:02)
Raising Private Money Process
StartPreparing for Talking With a Private Money Lender (2:12)
StartYour Credibility Packet (9:26)
StartFirst Phone Call To Lenders (2:06)
StartNotes on Intro to Lender Script (1:53)
StartFirst Call Script (12:17)
StartFollow Up Call (1:48)
StartFollow Up Call Script (9:20)
StartWhere Can Private Money Lenders Access Money to Lend Me? (7:09)
StartSelf Directed Retirement Accounts (6:54)
Determine if Deal or No Deal and Presenting to Lenders
StartHow to Use the Deal Anazlyer (11:04)
StartHow to Use the Private Lender Calculator (5:13)
StartPutting Together a Deal Packet (8:40)
StartPresenting the Deal Packet to the Lender (13:58)
Documents for Lenders
StartDocuments We Give Our lenders (11:30)
StartPromissory Note (9:03)
StartCognovit Promissory Note (6:48)
StartMortgage (7:47)
StartHow Money Flows Through Title on a Purchase (5:40)
StartHow Money Flows Through Title on a Sale (3:53)
StartCalculating a Lenders Payoff (5:29)
StartWhen We Borrow, Our Normal Loan Terms (2:37)
StartHow Lenders Get Paid Back (1:26)
StartPrivate Lenders FAQ (17:38)
Bonus – Escrow and Rehab Agreements
StartWhen to Use Escrow and Rehab Agreement (5:19)
StartEscrow Agreement (6:04)
StartRehab Loan Agreement (5:28)
StartRelease of Lien (4:16)
StartEscrow Release (2:39)
StartOverview of Requesting the Escrowed Funds (4:08)

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