Arash Dibazar – Embrace Rejection


Arash Dibazar – Embrace Rejection


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Arash Dibazar – Embrace Rejection

Arash Dibazar – Embrace Rejection [1 MP4, 1 MP3]

I am a Martial Artist, Lifestyle Coach, and Professional Pickup Artist. Welcome to my site.

About myself: I have studied the Pickup Arts for over 10 years now. I was trained by the best (Mystery & Matador from VH1′s The Pickup Artist), and over the years I have developed my own unique style of pickup.I believe that seduction is an instinct that is present in every man, an instinct that can be awakened with the right guidance. My goal is to teach and guide as many men as I can. Are you ready to start living the VIP Lifestyle?”Lecture: EMBRACE REJECTION Embrace the rejections. Rejection can be a very powerful tool that when framed correctly will help you have more success in life and with women. A lot of guys fear and shy from rejection but if you follow the lecture you will turn rejection in to your bitch.

In this video Arash speaks about:

• How you view yourself is extremely important in game and in your life.

• You have the power to accept or reject any idea that comes into contact with you.

• The moment you accept an idea, and agree with it, it becomes yours.

• You have to know what you want.

• Have a relationship with rejection. Embrace it.

• A woman’s last card that she can play in the game is having sex with you. She has to know before and after sex that you are the right man to have sex with.

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