Amy Shulke – Marker Painting Foundations


Amy Shulke – Marker Painting Foundations


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Amy Shulke – Marker Painting Foundations

New to Copic Markers?

Join Amy Shulke, a professional illustrator and marker enthusiast for an introduction to painting with markers- Vanilla Arts style!

Coloring blogs and internet tutorials have a major drawback- they are almost always demonstrations rather than instruction. Copy-cat or “do what I do” style videos can only teach you to mimic the instructor. Sure, you can color that same image by following along, but what happens when you want to color a different image, one you haven’t yet seen demonstrated?

Uh oh… now you’re stuck.

Marker Painting is a new approach to coloring with markers. Amy teaches students basic techniques and color theory based on the way artists use paint. Instead of focusing on “how” to color a selected stamp image, Amy shows you the “why” behind color selection, shade, layering, and depth. This provides students with the necessary knowledge and instincts to color an endless variety of images for the rest of their lives.

Marker Painting Foundations is the first step towards coloring independently and with more accurate realism.

In this twelve week beginner level course, Amy covers basic marker techniques and general know-how, giving students a good understanding of both how markers work and how to work markers.

Are you looking for depth and dimension in your coloring?

Marker Painting is a completely different approach to coloring.

<bold “=””>Well, actually it’s the classic approach to creating art, learning to use your Copic Markers the way an artist uses paint.

Marker Painting breaks all the crafty coloring laws and the copy-cat approach to instruction. Art based painting technique sets you free from marker tutorials, recipes, and all the supposed rules that actually lock you into flat and simplistic coloring.

You can learn to color independently.

You can get realism and amazing depth from your Copics.

This Course is Ideal for:

  • Complete Beginners who have never touched a marker before
  • Self Taught Colorers who feel as if they’ve missed the big secret to amazing coloring
  • Unconfident Colorers who still encounter problems with blending, shading, or developing convincing depth
  • Frustrated Colorers who struggle when coloring unfamiliar stamps
  • Habitual Colorers stuck in a rut where every project looks the same
Dreaming Colorers who want to push beyond craft level coloring into creative and artistic self-expression

Twelve Week Course includes:

  • 12 weeks of coloring lessons-
    • 30 to 60 minutes of clear technique instruction
    • guided coloring video for every project
    • mid-week supplementals to spark further thought
  • 16 PNG digital stamps (also JPG and PDF alternate formats)
  • bonus supplementals and consumer information
  • multiple instructional handouts, designed to complement each week’s video lesson
  • discussion board for instructor guidance, help, Q&A

Curriculum Overview:

  • marker ink- understanding how ink works
  • marker care and maintenance
  • marker papers and cardstocks
  • basic marker strokes
  • color blending fundamentals
  • troubleshooting and correcting mistakes
  • introduction to coloring for depth
  • introduction to coloring for shape
  • introduction to coloring for balance
  • marker limitations
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