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AMP – Authentic Sexual Power


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AMP – Authentic Sexual Power

Hey there,

Bryan from AMP here.

I want you to imagine something for me.

Imagine what it would be like if any woman you were sexually attracted to automatically responded to you in a way that would tell you she was interested and turned on by you, too.

You look into her eyes and there’s a softness. Her body is completely relaxed around you. She nervously twirls her hair and giggles for no reason.

When you brush your hand against hers, she leans in closer and gently folds her fingers around yours.

There’s a *zing* that you feel viscerally in your gut. You feel the potential for something more to happen between you…there’s an invitation from her to come closer, do more…

It feels effortless. It feels completely free and natural. You feel infinitely in your POWER as a man around ANY woman,

because you never have to feel afraid, rejected, weak, or anxious. EVER.

I’m betting that if you’re reading this, this isn’t the typical experience you’re having with women. Not even close.

So what ACTUALLY happens to you instead?
Here’s the typical scenario that plays out for most men.

You’re with a gorgeous woman you’ve just met, you feel physically and sexually drawn to her, but at the same time you begin to feel a sense of TERROR.

It’s almost as if she’s an electric fence you’re afraid to touch or get too close to, because you might get zapped or burned.

But you can’t resist…and you feel a powerful sense of craving building into an almost unbearable, deep desire. It’s almost painful.

You feel it in your throat, in your legs, in the center of your body. It’s an ACHE you need to relieve and the only way to relieve it is to touch that electric fence.

You take a deep breath, you build up the courage, you decide to go for it…

You take her hand.

And…it lays limp in yours….

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