Aaron Davison – The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide


Aaron Davison – The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide


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Aaron Davison – The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide

“The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide” is a four hour plus audio/video course that outlines, in a step by step fashion, how to write, produce and license music in tv shows, films and ads. The course is instantly accessible online and features 7 different modules as well as a resource section featuring sample contracts, samples of music Aaron and others have successfully licensed, The 2017 TV And Film Music Business Directory, an international PRO guide, bonus interviews and more!

What People Are Saying

“Dear Aaron,
I just finished listening to the entire course, The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide and I want to let you know my thoughts.

Over the last few years I have done my own research into music licensing and taken courses (including one by a Music Supervisor). It has proven to be a real challenge to find information that can be used to get somewhere in the business of music licensing. Your Ultimate Music Licensing Guide is just what I have been looking for. It touches on and clarifies many aspects of the business so for the first time I feel I have a detailed roadmap I can use to confidently plan out the steps I need to take to get my music licensed. Thank you.


“Hands down the best resource for getting your music licensed I’ve ever come across. Great job Aaron!

Michael James”

Your Instructor

Aaron Davison
Aaron Davison
Aaron Davison is the founder of How To License Your Music.com and the host of the popular music business podcast, Music, Money And Life. He’s been licensing his own music since 2002 in networks like ABC, CBS, Fox Sports, A&E, ESPN and more. Since 2007, he’s helped hundreds of other artists license their music in a wide range of projects and networks including MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Fuse TV, The Oxygen Network, Lifetime, A&E, Heineken Ad, Playstation Ad, multiple feature films and more.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Course
StartCourse Introduction – Start Here
Module 1 – Mindset
StartMusic Licensing Is A Long Term Game
StartStaying Motivated
StartDealing With Rejection
Module 2 – How To Write Music For Licensing
StartThree Elements
StartSubject Matter
StartStyles Of Music
StartWhat Types Of Songs Work Best?
StartBeing Authentic VS Writing For Licensing
Module 3 – Production
StartProduction Quality
StartHow To Choose The Right Music Producer
StartHow To Finance Production Costs
Module 4 – Things To Do Before You Start Pitching
StartThe Types Of Files You Definitely Need
StartThe Types Of Files You Might Need
StartMetadata And Your Tracks
StartRegistering Your Titles With Your PRO
StartCopyrighting Your Music
Module 5 – Networking And Marketing
StartHow To Research The Market
StartPublishers And Libraries Vs Music Supervisors
StartHow To Make Contact
StartHow To Submit Your Music
StartTracking And Following Up On Submissions
StartShould You Pay To Submit To Music Briefs?
StartNetworking In Person VS Online
StartWorking Directly With Music Supervisors
Module 6 – The Business Of Licensing
StartHow You Get Paid And How Much You Can Earn
StartNon Exclusive Re-Titling Deals
StartThe Pros And Cons Of Exclusivity
StartCo-Publishing Deals Explained
StartBuyout Deals Explained
StartTypes Of Deals To Avoid
StartThe Problem With Spreading Yourself Too Thin
StartCue Sheets And Performance Royalties
StartNegotiating Fees
Module 7 – Advanced Music Licensing Techniques
StartWorking With Assistants And Interns
StartBeing Professional
StartHow To Create An Effective Showreel (Video) (30:09)
Module 8 – Resource Section
Start2017 Music Licensing Business Directory
StartSubmission Tracking Spreadsheet
StartInternational PRO List
StartSong Sample #1 – “Up To You” – As Heard On Fox Sports
StartSong Sample #2 – “Headed Home” – AMC Theatres
StartSong Sample #3 – “Ride The Wave” As Featured On A&E’s”Born This Way”
StartBonus Interview #1
StartSample Contract #1
StartSample Contract #2

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