9VibesUniversal – 9Vibes Ultimate – Package


9VibesUniversal – 9Vibes Ultimate – Package


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9VibesUniversal – 9Vibes Ultimate – Package


Expand your knowledge and learn how to apply this information to your everyday life, at your own pace with our many course options, and a library of information!

Vibes Ultimate

Immerse in the ultimate 9Vibes library packed full of information and alignments! Inside you’ll find 17 courses, custom slideshows, training materials, and the ability to watch anywhere! You’ll explore topics like chakras, financial flow, sigils and more with library access at your fingertips.

​Courses Include:


-Align With Nine 1 & 2

-Vortex Mathematics

-Introduction To Every Chakra

-Soul and Egos Journey

-Giving and Receiving

-Financial Flow



-Chakra Biology

-Cells, Sound, and Water

-Activation To Healing

-Patterns and Motion

-Hermetic Principles



-Energy Chakra Healing Intermediate

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