2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit


2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit


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2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit

Learn How To Successfully Swing Trade

In Just One Day

I would rank the course a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I give the course this rating because of the course’s quantitative approach to investing in the stock market. Nothing is left to chance” – MC

This is the opportunity to learn how to become a successful swing trader. Since 2005, over 1000 traders have successfully completed our Swing Trading Courses. The majority rate the courses a 10. In fact many believe it’s the best course on trading they have ever taken.

Now, for the final time, you will have the opportunity to do the same at our 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit.

What You Will Learn at Our 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit

Our 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit is structured to make you a complete swing trader. If you are like the majority of traders and hold positions from 2-5 days, this Summit will teach you precise, systematic, quantified strategies to trade for the rest of your life.

Included in this Summit are:

  1. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for Stocks
  2. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for ETFs & Leveraged ETFs
  3. Rapid Profit Target Trading (a $1,995 value)

(see additional details on individual strategies below)

You will also learn:

  • Asymmetrical Trading
  • Advanced Swing Trading with ConnorsRSI
  • How to Apply Options to Swing Trading
  • The Psychology of Swing Trading
  • Basic & Advanced Money Management Techniques to minimize risk while maximizing gains
  • Putting Together a Comprehensive Swing Trading Business Plan & how to execute this plan each day

Here are some of the strategies that will be taught:

1. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for Stocks

You will learn 5 historically high performing swing trading strategies which have been consistently profitable since 2001. An example of one of these strategies looks like this:


If your goal is to identify high probability stock trades you will learn the strategies to do so…

2. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for ETFs

Many professionals traders Swing Trading with ETFs . In this course you will learn specific strategies to identify high probability set-ups to trade SPY, QQQ along with other popular liquid ETFs. Included in this Summit is a rule based strategy which triggers between 6-12 times per year which has been correct over 92% of the time since 1993.

3. Rapid Profit Target Trading

RPTT is for traders who are looking to rapidly trade positions (on average from 1-3 days) with a historically high degree of success.

In test results going back to 2001-July 2013, RPTT has been successful from 76% up to 80% of the time on liquid, popularly-traded stocks; especially stocks traded by proprietary trading firms and hedge funds.

This Will Be Your Last Chance to Learn How to Swing Trade Directly from Larry Connors

This Summit is Not for Beginners!

The material that will be covered is for experienced traders. You should have at least 3 years of trading experience to gain full benefit from this summit.

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