18 Trading Champions Share Their Keys To Top Trading Profits (Article)


18 Trading Champions Share Their Keys To Top Trading Profits (Article)


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18 Trading Champions Share Their Keys To Top Trading Profits (Article)

These interviews were taken in 1996. Even though these interviews were taken in 1996 but you must keep this fact in mind markets are just a depiction of crowd psychology which never changes. Technology will never be able to change the way people make their buy/sell decisions. These decisions are primarily based on their emotional gut feelings. When you watch a top tennis or a top golf player playing in a world class champion, you feel inspired.

When you will go through these interviews with the top traders in the world, you will also feel inspired. All these traders are primarily futures traders. But you need to keep this in mind that market psychology is the same for each market. In 1996, the retail forex market has not been developed. It took a few more years for the retail forex market to become available. Interestingly technical analysis is almost the same for these different markets. Why because technical analysis is just a study of how price action reacts to human emotions. Each trader talks about the market that he or she trades and how he or she makes his or her trading decisions. These are the 18 interviews that you will get when you download this PDF:

George Angell gives his keys on volatility and liquidity: George Angell is a top S&P 500 futures intraday trader. There are many traders who trade S&P E-Mini Futures full time. You will be surprised to read that George does not use a stop loss while trading.

Jaye Bernstien is a formed psychologist who became a top trader: Jaye Bernstien is a top futures trader and the President of MBH Commodity Advisors. Jaye Bernstien loves to trade energy, financials and S&P futures contracts. In this interview learn about his momentum retracement trading method.

Tom Bierovic relies on discretion while trading: In this interview learn how Tom Bierovic relies on a set of rules for making his trading decisions but he always uses discretion on top of these rules.

Walter Bressert and his cycles and oscillators: Discover how Walter Bressert uses cycles and oscillators in intraday futures trading.

Tom DeMark is a market timer: Tom Demark is one of the most famous traders. You need to take his advice seriously if you are a new trader: “Read a lot and test a lot.”

George Fontanills uses options to lower the risk: George Fontanills uses options on futures contracts to lower the risk. You need to take his advice, “Trade small until you know what you are doing.”

Lee Gettess focuses on controlling risk: Lee Gettess controls risk by using protective stop losses but not always as according to him market needs some room to breathe.

Cynthia Kase and her proprietary technical indicators: Cynthia Kase has developed a number of proprietary technical indicators that she uses in her trading.

George Lane uses Stochastics: Trading is all fear and greed but you can still be successful.

Glenn Neely and his NEoWave Theory: Glenn Neely has developed his own approach to Elliot Wave Analysis.

Grant Noble and his Contrarian Signals: Grant Noble uses the mass media to garner his own contrarian signals for the tops and bottoms in the market.

Linda Bradford Raschke is a technical trader: Linda Bradford Raschke focuses solely on the technicals while making her trading decisions.

Rick Redmont uses Wyckoff Theories: Rick Redmont wants each new trader to read the famous books, Market Wizards and the New Market Wizards.

Angelo Reynolds is a scalper: Angelo Reynolds says that a trader needs mental toughness to take defeat and not lose courage.
Joe Stowell is a persistent trader: According to Joe Stowell, you need to continually work at your skills.

Gary Wagner uses candlesticks: Gary Wagner uses candlesticks to measure the market sentiment.

Ben Warwick trades market reaction to the news: Ben Warwick has developed his own method of trading that he calls Event Trading.

Larry Williams a successful marathon runner and a successful trader: Larry Williams sees parallels between successful marathon running and successful trading.

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